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Sometimes my giveaways have to hunt for a home, so it’s a real blessing when the right home presents itself. That what happened this week when some contra dancing friends announced that they were going on a mission trip to Belize and needed old luggage in which to carry medical supplies. The luggage would be left in Belize.

It continues to amaze me that I have gone through every room and closet of our home at least once and still I find things that I now feel ready to pass on. Why did I originally think I needed

  • 3 large soft-sided bags (I kept back one large one for guests or emergencies.)
  • 3 smaller back packs (Each of us already have a day pack.)

Jim & I each still have one carry on roller board and Jim has a larger one for longer trips.) It’s a satisfying feeling to find a good match for things that I don’t need but will be useful to others.

Question of the week: What baggage are you saving? If you read my traveling light tips, you might not need as much.