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Although #3 child balked at me giving away anything in his trunk of childhood mementos, he was surprisingly cooperative about letting me give away a number of his sweaters stored at our house. It could be that these were mostly clothes I had bought him, or which had been handed down to him, that he […]

OK, OK, I admit I’ve succumbed to giving away my husband’s and house guest’s shirts this week, but they did agree to it. I tried to give some to our son who lives nearby and is a school teacher but the generation gap kicked in since none were appealing to him. It might not look […]

I overslept this morning. Got a new battery when I got home from the retreat. All is well. 2 ½ weeks till Lent begins and I actually have to give something away each day.

My watch broke today. It probably just needs a battery but I’m on retreat this weekend and won’t have time to get a new battery. If a time conscious person like me needs to be without a watch, I suppose being on retreat is a good time for it to happen. Even though I can […]