Stuff-nothingAs I continue to look around my home and consider what more to part with, I often feel some pride in cleaning things out or virtue in passing stuff on to those in need. As I dig more deeply into this process, however, I realize that a bigger challenge is to let go of bad habits, pride, and emotional stuff that keeps me focused on myself or feeling self-righteous. This is the more spiritual side of letting go.

Following are some things I’m struggling to let go of:

  1. Being right, my opinions (Spouses are helpful for tempering the notion that my way is the right way, but still, the discipline of trying to see a debate from the other side is an exercise in the “spirit of poverty.”)
  2. Judgments, criticisms, complaining about others (Sometimes I read or listen to programs by commentators that I strongly disagree with. I thought it would be an exercise in trying to understand other’s opinions. Actually, I just got angrier. I decided it’s not healthy for me to listen to inflammatory rhetoric. It just feeds my urge to criticize and feel hopeless. Better to focus on doing something positive.)
  3. Control, wanting things MY way and quickly (I experienced this with my upcoming book and wanting to micro-manage the layout, title, etc. I’m also big on saving time which sometimes means controlling the pace at which others work.)

Yet, there are some intangibles that I should hold on to:

  1. Complimenting others on their talents and developing my own talents
  2. Smiling at strangers, keeping secrets (unless someone is is danger)
  3. Generous Tipping (This is hard for me since I’m such a tightwad. I have to make a special effort to remember that waiters/waitresses are usually paid low wages.)