Some weeks I give away a lot of things; some weeks only seven small items. The most satisfying times, however, are when I can find just the right person or place to give an item to. This past week I was happy to give our son’s trumpet from marching band back to the school for another student to use.

I also noticed that there were several religiously oriented children’s books on a table in the back of our church. I guess the idea is to help keep children engaged if they get bored. I found four books to add to the collection.

We had drawn a Secret Santa tag from our parish Giving Tree that requested a hat, gloves, toy, and some books for a 3rd grade boy. I bought several new things but added some gently used books from our collection. I’ll probably end up giving a lot of books to the “Friends of the Library” next month when I tackle pruning our book cases, and that will be fine. But! This felt so much better to have an individual to give the books to. (Sorry, no photo for these books. I sent them before I could take a photo.)