To balance my last blog about giving our car away (and deciding whether ecology trumps saving money), I thought I’d turn to chocolate. One of our sons gave me a delightful Christmas gift of a box of chocolates delivered once a month. Unfortunately, the third and final installment came right as Lent was starting – and I had given up sweets for Lent. (I know, it’s very “old church” but I also gave up complaining which I figured was very “new church.”) Anyway, I had the chocolates tucked away waiting for Easter when I would carefully ration myself to one a day to make them last almost a month.

THEN, we had guests for dinner and no dessert. I vacillated about offering the chocolates since they were the yummiest yet. Finally, motivated by the spirit of generosity I’ve been trying to cultivate, I decided to share. It made a dent in my supply but it was good for my soul. As frivolous as this may seem, it felt like a true letting go for me – something I had been hoarding for myself, I shared.