One of the first persons to respond to my blog asked the question, “Are you also giving away non-things – ideas or suggestions for programs or talks? Can you let go of any of these intangibles?” That idea has been haunting me for quite awhile since I am a freelance speaker and writer and my livelihood depends on getting paid for my words. I think, however, I’ve discovered a way to give away some of my words without unduly threatening the family income. Following are two “non-things” that I’ve decided to give away.

  1. I recently did a marriage workshop and decided I would create a Marriage Scavenger Hunt Handout that couples or parishes could use – free.
  2. More importantly, I’ve written a companion piece to my latest book, Parenting Your Adult Child: Keeping the Faith (And Your Sanity). This supplement is meant for young adults themselves as they manage the various life transitions from age 18-40. At first I was going to try to find a publisher for it, but I’ve decided to donate it to the Busted Halo website. Since most of it is already written, it’s more important to get the ideas out to young adults than to sit on it.