During Spring planting season, I had already anticipated the title for this September entry. It was going to be “Do Zucchini Count?” I planted about 10 squash – mostly zucchini. Knowing the reputation of how prolific zucchini are, I was sure I would have so many to give away by this time of year, my biggest problem would be finding receivers and knowing whether to count a bunch of five as one “give away.”
Well, Mother Nature has not been kind to my garden this summer – especially the squash. My first planting bloomed beautifully then mysteriously shriveled up and died. Not to worry. I had time to plant more and I did. I even found new places in the yard to plant a few from seed thinking perhaps the soil had been contaminated. Again, they bloomed beautifully, but no squash, EXCEPT for this one hardy fellow. It was in the worst place, shaded, and far from the hose for watering. It’s a butternut squash which I’m not particularly fond of, but I do admire its spunk. We got a few tomatoes, beans, and peppers, but not really enough to give away. My zinnias are doing great, however, so I gave several bunches of them away. They would make a prettier picture, but this squash has earned its photo.