I don’t know which is worse – a pacifist family playing Paintball or buying clothes for one time use. Before you judge me too harshly, here’s what happened. Our family was on our first family vacation with young adults plus spouse, grandchild, and girlfriend. Everyone got to choose one activity they’d really like to do in the hills of Kentucky. As a lark, one chose Paintball, daring the rest of us to join her. Several protested that they didn’t bring clothes that they could afford to mess up or suitable shoes (Those living outside the USA had primarily packed for two weddings.) “No problem!” the Paintball aficionado proclaimed, “I see a Thrift Shop. We can just pick up gaudy, cheap stuff there, wear it once, and then get rid of it.”
Well, it was a vacation, and she was persistent, so we did it. Although we looked pretty hard core, I have to admit, it was fun and no one got seriously hurt – just a few stings. Although it doesn’t seem quite right to buy stuff that we thought was ugly and we’d never wear again, then wash it and give it away, still it’s a family story that I’m sure will be retold for many years. I’m happy to give away the clothes. The memories, I’ll keep.
PS: Note the “Peacekeepers Now” printing on the blue cap. 😕