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You’ll seldom find me wearing a sheet but I decided to make a departure from giving away clothes and jump to sheets because I store them close to my clothes closet – and most importantly, they begin with “S.” (I love consistency. :-?) Besides, my linen closet was pretty stuffed with sheets.

On occasion, we’ve slept 14 people in our house, but some brought their own bedding. Currently we have:

  • 5 “proper” beds
  • 3 floor mattresses that could make comfortable enough beds
  • 2 couches that could serve for sleeping in a pinch

Even after allowing for two sets of sheets for each proper bed and mattress, I determined that I had 16 extra sheets and 10 extra pillow cases than I needed. This is a give-away that I can feel good about since bedding is a common need for low income people.

Disclaimer: As terrible as it may sound to have accumulated 17 extra sheets, remember my rant last year about manufacturers changing the depth of mattresses in order to not only sell more mattresses but also sell more sheets to fit the new size. Well, several alert and generous readers gave me their older sheets that would fit my older (but still good and “right sized for sitting) mattress. This is how I got some of my surplus sheets. So there!