Days 365+51 coat w fur

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The S’s are pretty much finished so I’ll tell you about this lovely warm (and rather expensive) fur lined coat that I decided to give away. I actually gave it away last February because I wanted someone to be able to use it while it was still cold out. I decided not to post it then, however, because it didn’t begin with “S” and would interrupt my Waste-Less Lent posts. (I know, I know, I can be rather OCD about these kinds of things.)

The story behind the coat is that it was handed down to me by a relative many years ago. It wasn’t particularly my style but it was of such high quality that I kept it. When I finally decided to let it go, I toyed with the idea of giving it to an upscale consignment shop. I might get a little money for it and it would probably be bought by a person who would appreciate its value.

I then realized how judgmental that attitude was and recognized that the person who would most appreciate it was someone who was cold. I decided to take it to a friend who works at Mercy Neighborhood Ministries and asked her to pass it on to a client who needed it. Low income people need nice things too.