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For those who read last week’s blog and wondered what miscellaneous “adult stuff” I would be giving away, I’m afraid it’s rather boring – but boring with a lesson. Now that I’ve gotten rid of  the kids, here are some miscellaneous parent contributions: 2 homemade pew banners from our kid’s First Communions. Now really, by […]

I still have plenty of things to give away in our home but I’m feeling more burdened by my “To Do List” than my stuff these days. So this blog is focused on TIME. How we use it and how we can be a slave to it like the proverbial wheel running hamster. I go […]

This weekend we will have 11 guests (Pig Town Fling dancers) staying at our home. This presents two conundrums: Do we make them eat on $4.50/day or do we say “Eat only from the left side of the refrigerator, the right side is OUR food.” It certainly doesn’t seem hospitable to force our Lenten practice […]

Once I diligently finished my first 365 days of give-aways, I promised myself that this would not be the end of giving stuff away. Although my pace has slowed, I notice that I am now more mindful about what accumulates around the house. BUT, I don’t want to make weekly drives to Goodwill or Best […]